Specialized Therapeutic Group Home

Providing help to the at-risk and undeserved

Florida based 501(c)(3) organization

We are a Florida based 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2016 as a specialized therapeutic step-down group home providing healing care and educational services to female victims of sexual trauma including molestation, rape, incest, and human trafficking.

Our Philosophy

Our therapeutic residential program is guided by a well-defined philosophy that meets the complex needs of our young ladies and adheres to the highest possible standards of excellence to solve their hardest difficulties. We believe that the goal of our step-down therapeutic services should enable residents to overcome their past traumatic experiences and present challenges to stabilize their life.

Here at Jones Alternative we provide our girls with the skills needed to overcome and resolve any causative issues, resulting behaviors, and excel in all future endeavors and live fulfilled lives.

We built our programming approach on four (4) essential pillars

Our approach focuses on four essential pillars: Stabilization, Rehabilitation, Education, and Reunification. These four pillars are woven into all of our work and believe they are critical to success in work and in life.

We put these pillars in place, understand how they are interconnected, devote time and attention to them each day, and watch how lives are changed.


We provide for our girls sustained physiological needs ensuring they are fed well, physically healthy, and feeling safe.


We help our girls foster healthy relationships and prepare them for independent living creating a foundation for a normal life.


We treat their emotional and psychological injuries so they can adapt to and overcome complicated family and social interactions.


We equip our girls with the tools they need to achieve academic success and to compete for gainful employment.

The Facts

Florida is the 3rd highest human trafficking destination in the US

HT victims

women raped

sexual trauma victims

Are female victims

Our Difference


If you have heard or know anything about human trafficking, then you have heard the term “modern-day slavery” and understand the resulting trauma is hard to overcome.

Here at Jones Alternative we deliver rigorous actionable therapeutic solutions and educational programs to address these complex problems.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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