four (4) essential pillars

A Deeper Look at our Approach

We aim to provide our young ladies with the physical and personal attention vital to 1) meet their sustained physiological needs (e.g., nourishment, housing, safety, trust in others, etc.), 2) rehab and treat their emotional and psychological injuries, enabling them to normally live as well as adapt to and overcome complicated family and social interactions, 3) develop their academic performance for college and employment and 4) foster healthy reunions with family, developing healthy relations, and living independently thus creating a foundation for more personal association and normalcy.


Welcome every girl–”we will not reject anyone who needs help; everyone deserves a new start.”

Care for their basic physical and emotional needs –”No one knows you care about them until you care for them.”

Gain trust and insight into their lives – “we cannot help until we seek to understand who they are and their entire situation.”

Deploy a rigorous intake process –”screen new arrivals thoroughly; ask hard questions with love.”


One size does not fit all – “never take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to help people and addressing complex problems.”

Develop thorough, customized, therapeutic programs – “our young ladies have experienced severe trauma; they need hard-hitting solutions to address them.”

Collaborate with compatible organizations – “HT related problems are huge; it’s going to take an  entire village to heal our girls.”


Knowledge carries people to greatness – “It’s an essential thing in life; it empowers; it enables our girls to contribute to society, earn money, and be independent.”

Provide education and employment curricula – “It’s a tough world; we must equip our girls to excel  in school and compete for jobs.”

Education stimulates hope in the future – “It helps our girls develop positive social relations, fit in different stages of life, and live a good and peaceful existence.”


Rejoining family and fitting into society is critical to healing – “As humans, we need a sense of  belonging, and that sense is what connects us to the many relationships we develop.”

Change the factors that influence their behaviors – “If we can change their motives, beliefs, and values (who they are), they can transform their behaviors (what they do).”

Teach our girls a helpful decision making process – “we want our girls to have better control over their lives; good decision making is one of the best life skills to own.”

Who we are

Jones Alternative is a Florida-based 501(c)(3) organization created as trauma-informed and focused therapeutic group home.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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